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Ebay is going to be the financial ruin of me. More of my SM goodies came today. Since I'm being a little lazy if you want to see them I posted about them I like blogspot/blogger because I can direct everyone there and don't have to post a million times. Sometimes I like to and sometimes I don't. XD;;;

My packing is almost done. I'm working on some more stationary sheets, sadly my Cyan is the oober low so I think I won't be able to finish without the pages looking really bad.

I worked on Titan's story some yesterday and today, I'm at 2747 words for episode 9. Wooo. Almost at 1/3 done for that episode. And since I think I've maybe done about 4 hours of work on it so far that feels pretty good. I'm running slow on the spot I'm on, but after that I think it will pick up again. I should be working on art work but I feel that I'll be more productive if I let myself work on the story for the next two days, do CCC and then go headlong back into the art. I hope that my name ends up being a good one.

I guess that's all the good stuff. Unless next time.
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